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Our method is unique. Its a program that covers so much more than the chiropractic adjustment. It's a protocol of a variety of options that takes you through not only the pain relief of a chiropractic adjustment, but the relaxation of a spa, the exercise of a gym, and cutting edge laser and computerized treatments. Our focus is on regaining your life and normal activities, not just a quick fix for pain.

Our Disc Force computerized spinal decompression is the market leader for the non-surgical correction of spinal disc pathology. This comfortable isolated stretching of the disc corrects the bulge, herniation, degeneration, or stenosis caused by the injured disc. Being the only Disc Force location in Central Ohio, we are proud to offer this advanced therapy to our patients.

Beecher Chiropractic has been designed for the comfort and physiology of the injured body. We start our treatments off similar to the beginning of an aerobic exercise program, with a warm up. We use hydomassage to accomplish this. The Hydromassage treatment involves a table that you lay on, with your clothes on, as hot jets of water gently kneed away muscle tension and relax the entire body.

Once you are warmed up and ready to accept your treatment, your personalized treatment can include a chiropractic adjustment (performed in your choice of techniques), Disc Force Spinal Decompression, Laser Light Therapy, Arthrostim spinal treatments, and physical therapy exercises. Our exercises include Vibration Therapy, Postural Strengthening, physiotherapeutic treatments, plus more.

Following your treatment, we then cool down. Ice is used for any inflammation and to control any discomfort present. At this point you are ready to face the day with decreased pain, feeling refreshed, and energized.

We accept most insurance, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Medicare and we have a time of service payment discount. We also offer Care Credit healthcare financing, if you choose to get well now, but want to pay it off over time.

We offer hours for our chiropractic program until after 7pm. We also offer products to complement our care including TENS units, Cervical Pillows, Lumbar Braces, Biofreeze, plus many other products that support your health.

We look forward to helping you regain your health and increase the quality of your life!

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